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Announcement for Parents/Guardians of Children in Attendance at CMS!

May 8, 2023  |  by Sam Stoecklin

Attention parents and guardians of children attending our race events!
Last week (and in the past) we received several complaints from patrons regarding behaviors of unattended children. Last week alone we heard from patrons witnessing children throwing rocks at others as well as vehicles, bullying and name calling a handicap child, children left alone for long periods of time without supervision, running out of control causing danger to others, as well as causing damage to our facilities (restrooms and grandstands). While the majority of these complaints originate from the pit side of the speedway, this does occur on the front side as well.
Beginning this weekend, 5/13/23, if we find out and confirm that any of these children are affiliated with a driver, we will utilize our negative point system towards the driver as mentioned in the track's General Rules, which may be found on our website at www.centralmissourispeedway.net.
If the child is found not to be affiliated with a driver, the children as well as parents and/or guardian(s) will be barred from attending and asked to leave immediately. We are going to have a zero-tolerance policy regarding this matter.
We do not want to be the "behavioral police" and we expect all patrons to be responsible for the children they bring with them. We want all patrons to enjoy our race programs and need your assistance and cooperation in making sure the grandstands are a safe and welcoming environment for fans of all ages. If you see unruly or questionable behavior at any time while on the premises, please speak with the ticket admission offices on either side of the speedway or any of the officials at the speedway wearing red shirts.