Tosh Banks $2,500 Super Stock Showdown while Smith, Meyer, and McDowell also Headline at Central Missouri Speedway!

July 22, 2023  |  by Sam Stoecklin

Derek Henson (27D) races inside eventual Super Stock winner Richie Tosh (11).

Derek Henson (27D) races inside eventual Super Stock winner Richie Tosh (11).

The Seventh-Annual Super Stock Showdown took place on Saturday evening with 39 drivers checked in for the $2,500-to-win, 35-lap main event. Joining the action were 15 B-Mods, 19 Midwest Mods, and 9 Pure Stocks for a total of 82 race teams competing for track and POWRi points.

Drivers participated in 11 preliminary heat races, two b-mains, and 5 main events for a total of 18 races during the program. A total of 212 laps were turned throughout the night and completed in three-and-a-half hours.

Drivers collecting track and POWRi-sanctioned victories at the end of the night included Richie Tosh for the Super Stock Showdown, Brad Smith in B-Mods, Dave Meyer in Midwest Mods, and Payton McDowell in the Pure Stocks.

POWRi Super Stocks - 39 Entries
Heat 1 - 10 Laps - 5:51.101: 1. 14D-Kyle Davis[2]; 2. 25X-Rodger Detherage[5]; 3. 04-Blaine Ewing[3]; 4. 3P-Tyler Perryman[8]; 5. 88B-Bryan Bedwell[7]; 6. (DNF) 49-Jay Lamons[1]; 7. (DNF) 12-Clayton Campbell[6]; 8. (DNF) 29K-Chris Kircher[4]

Heat 2 - 10 Laps - 9:29.885: 1. 7M-Scott Johnson[4]; 2. 11-Richie Tosh[6]; 3. GO-Jimmy Ngo[1]; 4. 25M-Aaron Murry[8]; 5. (DNF) 45-Aaron Poe[7]; 6. (DNF) 77-Daniel McKenzie[2]; 7. (DNF) 25-Jay Prevete[5]; 8. (DNF) 1J-Josh Jones[3]

Heat 3 - 10 Laps - 6:06.731: 1. 44-James Nighswonger[2]; 2. 6Z-Ted Welschmeyer[1]; 3. 10-Marc Carter[7]; 4. 164-Michael Muskrat[8]; 5. 22N-Landon Nakoneczny[6]; 6. 75-Nathan Williams[5]; 7. 45K-Bob King[4]; 8. 07D-Mike Daugherty[3]

Heat 4 - 10 Laps - 11:23.730: 1. 68-Dean Wille[4]; 2. 88-Jason Winkle[1]; 3. 03B-Chris Brockway[2]; 4. 4X-Charles Brown[8]; 5. 30K-Cameron Kelly[5]; 6. (DNF) 3J-Jerett Evans[3]; 7. (DNF) 89-JOSH HARRIS[7]; 8. (DQ) 12V-Nathan Vaughn[6]

Heat 5 - 10 Laps - 3:17.103: 1. 27D-Derek Henson[6]; 2. 30-Craig Spencer[1]; 3. 67-Devin Irvin[4]; 4. 00-Brett Wood[5]; 5. 27-John Brooks[7]; 6. (DNF) 21-Ethan Lamons[2]; 7. (DNS) 14-Larry Ferris

B Feature 1 - 12 Laps - 7:15.171: 1. 04-Blaine Ewing[2]; 2. GO-Jimmy Ngo[1]; 3. 22N-Landon Nakoneczny[4]; 4. 12V-Nathan Vaughn[12]; 5. 75-Nathan Williams[5]; 6. 25-Jay Prevete[9]; 7. 29K-Chris Kircher[11]; 8. 21-Ethan Lamons[8]; 9. 07D-Mike Daugherty[6]; 10. (DNF) 88B-Bryan Bedwell[3]; 11. (DNF) 89-JOSH HARRIS[10]; 12. (DNS) 49-Jay Lamons

B Feature 2 - 12 Laps - 3:47.122: 1. 00-Brett Wood[2]; 2. 03B-Chris Brockway[1]; 3. 27-John Brooks[3]; 4. 30K-Cameron Kelly[4]; 5. 3J-Jerett Evans[8]; 6. 12-Clayton Campbell[9]; 7. 45K-Bob King[5]; 8. (DNS) 45-Aaron Poe; 9. (DNS) 77-Daniel McKenzie; 10. (DNS) 1J-Josh Jones; 11. (DNS) 14-Larry Ferris

The Super Stocks were out in full force on Saturday, with the second-largest car count in track history for a track special event for the class. In 2014, 40 cars signed in for the big race, with 39 cars on hand this year, the event featured one of the largest car counts in the region for a single class special event so far this season.

Russellville, Missouri’s Derek Henson and Scott Johnson of Nevada, Missouri began the night’s Super Stock main from row one. Henson quickly established a quick pace to lead the field ahead of Scott Johnson, Richie Tosh, and Dean Wille through the opening laps after a pair of early caution periods. At lap seven for the restart, Henson then led Tosh, Johnson, Kyle Davis, James Nighswonger, and Marc Carter in a fierce battle to keep a spot inside the top five. Yellow again flew by lap 12, with Henson, Tosh, Johnson, and Carter occupying the top four. By lap 15, Tosh began searching for a faster line and moved up to challenge Henson for the lead through a lap 18 restart. When racing resumed, Henson led Tosh, Carter, Jason Winkle, Ted Welschmeyer, and 17th starting Blaine Ewing. From this point on, the drivers provided some of the best racing of the season with a flurry of action for nearly every position. For the restart, Tosh grabbed the top spot to lead lap 19 just as Winkle moved to third. By lap 22, Henson moved back to the front over Tosh, Winkle, Carter, and Ewing. On the next lap, Tosh retook the lead for lap 23 but Henson fought back to lead laps 24 and 25; however, Tosh fought his way back to the front shortly before the field slowed again for Nathan Vaughn as his car got upside down, luckily the driver was okay and drove away from the scene. For the restart, Tosh again was strong through one final caution at lap 32 to set up a three-lap dash for the win. Tosh then led Henson and a very fast Ewing, who found the high side to his liking as he moved to third. Over the closing laps, first challenged Henson for second and eventually grabbed the spot to set his sights on the leader. As the two took the white flag, the action was close with Tosh low and Ewing high. Despite his bid for the win and having to transfer to the main event, Ewing’s bid for the win came up just shy as Tosh claimed the $2,500 victory and first-ever CMS win. Ewing was a close second with Henson’s fantastic night resulting in a solid third place run. Winkle and Carter rounded out the top five. Michael Muskrat advanced from fourteenth to claim seventh, with Nighswonger, Aaron Murry, and Johnson completing the top ten, in what was a fantastic event for the class.

A Feature - 35 Laps - 31:07.041: 1. 11-Richie Tosh[4]; 2. 04-Blaine Ewing[17]; 3. 27D-Derek Henson[1]; 4. 88-Jason Winkle[10]; 5. 10-Marc Carter[8]; 6. 6Z-Ted Welschmeyer[9]; 7. 164-Michael Muskrat[14]; 8. 44-James Nighswonger[6]; 9. 25M-Aaron Murry[13]; 10. 7M-Scott Johnson[2]; 11. 4X-Charles Brown[15]; 12. 22N-Landon Nakoneczny[21]; 13. 27-John Brooks[22]; 14. GO-Jimmy Ngo[19]; 15. 30K-Cameron Kelly[24]; 16. (DNF) 68-Dean Wille[3]; 17. (DNF) 67-Devin Irvin[16]; 18. (DNF) 12V-Nathan Vaughn[23]; 19. (DNF) 00-Brett Wood[18]; 20. (DNF) 3P-Tyler Perryman[12]; 21. (DNF) 14D-Kyle Davis[5]; 22. (DNF) 25X-Rodger Detherage[7]; 23. (DNF) 03B-Chris Brockway[20]; 24. (DNF) 30-Craig Spencer

POWRi B-Mods - 15 Entries
Heat 1 - 8 Laps - 3:59.591: 1. 94-Jacob Ebert[4]; 2. 15-Colin Pierce[7]; 3. 7J-Jake Richards[3]; 4. 88-Derek Nevels[2]; 5. R33-Austen Raybourn[1]; 6. 23-Danny Thompson JR[6]; 7. (DNF) 2-Brayden Bohn[5]; 8. (DNS) 12C-Stephen Clancy

Heat 2 - 8 Laps - 4:52.254: 1. 66-Ethan Isaacs[3]; 2. 99S-Brad Smith[4]; 3. 15J-Jake Fetterman[2]; 4. 1K-Tim Karrick[5]; 5. 61-Sturgis Streeter[6]; 6. 6T-Michael Taylor III[1]; 7. (DNF) 99-Jess Fitzpatrick[7]

Oak Grove’s Jacob Ebert and Kearney, Missouri’s Colin Pierce earned the top starting positions for the 20-lap B-Mod main event. Ebert moved to the front with Smith and Ethan Isaacs lurking close behind the leader. By lap five, the racing for the lead was close with Ebert low and Smith trying the high side challenges. At lap six, Smith moved to the front leaving Ebert to battle with Isaacs for second position. At lap seven, Ebert moved back to the front, over Smith and Isaacs. Behind the lead trio, Jake Richards, Colin Pierce, and Jake Fetterman raced for a position inside the top five. Caution slowed the field at lap eight with Ebert out front. For the restart, Ebert held his machine out front at the halfway point, just as fifteenth-starting Stephen Clancy worked his way to the top five. Caution again flew at lap 13 with Smith showing the way over Evert, Isaacs, Tim Karrick, and Clancy for the restart. One more caution slowed the field at lap 14, to set up a six-lap dash to the finish. Smith continued his torrid pace up front as Isaacs challenged Ebert on the high side for second, over the closing laps the pair raced hard behind Smith, who eventually went on to collect his 44th career CMS victory. Isaacs prevailed in the closing laps to score his best CMS finish of the year in second with Ebert in third. Clancy gained one more spot on his charge towards the front to finish fourth with Sturgis Streeter and Karrick rounding out the top six.

A Feature - 20 Laps - 15:24.764: 1. 99S-Brad Smith[4]; 2. 66-Ethan Isaacs[3]; 3. 94-Jacob Ebert[1]; 4. 12C-Stephen Clancy[15]; 5. 61-Sturgis Streeter[9]; 6. 1K-Tim Karrick[7]; 7. 7J-Jake Richards[5]; 8. 15J-Jake Fetterman[6]; 9. 15-Colin Pierce[2]; 10. 88-Derek Nevels[8]; 11. (DNF) 6T-Michael Taylor III[12]; 12. (DNF) 2-Brayden Bohn[13]; 13. (DNF) R33-Austen Raybourn[10]; 14. (DNF) 23-Danny Thompson JR[11]; 15. (DNF) 99-Jess Fitzpatrick[14]

POWRi Midwest Mods - 19 Entries
Heat 1 - 8 Laps - 5:27.744: 1. 5D-Dustin Dennison[1]; 2. 82-David Wood[3]; 3. 26-Devin Wetzel[5]; 4. 77-Jeff Douty[4]; 5. 29-Justin Oliver[6]; 6. 99L-Jeff Lockard[7]; 7. 65R-Arthur Nicholson[2]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps - 10:33.168: 1. 16-Matthew Kay[6]; 2. 10-Johnny McGinnis[5]; 3. 447-Kenny Prince[4]; 4. (DNF) 41-Ashlyn Piburn[1]; 5. (DNF) 31D-Toby Duncan[3]; 6. (DNF) 10D-Jeff Dent[2]

Heat 3 - 8 Laps - 7:40.594: 1. 9M-Dave Meyer[4]; 2. 101-Jacob Hall[5]; 3. 9-Brian Meyer[3]; 4. (DNF) 13-Joe Marrant[2]; 5. (DNF) 16D-Dalton Dultmeier[6]; 6. (DNF) XL7-Colby Carter[1]

For the 20-lap Midwest Mods main event, it was Matthew Kay of Chanute, Kansas, and Dave Meyer of Concordia who occupied row one at the drop of the green flag. After a quick restart at the front, Kay led the field back to green with Dave Meyer, Jacob Hall, and Johnny McGinnis not far behind. By lap eight, Kay had built a half straightaway lead over Meyer until caution slowed the field at the halfway point. For the restart, Kay led Dave Meyer, Hall, David Wood, and Dustin Dennison. The field continued running hard for the race win through lap 15 behind Kay, who appeared headed for his first-ever CMS win. Late in the race, Dave Meyer was able to challenge for the lead and moved to the front at lap 18, just before a yellow flag slowed the field one final time. When racing resumed, Meyer held off all challengers to collect his third victory this season, and 37th of his career at CMS. Kay finished strong in second ahead of Hall, Wood, Dennison, and McGinnis.

A Feature - 20 Laps - 15:05.697: 1. 9M-Dave Meyer[2]; 2. 16-Matthew Kay[1]; 3. 101-Jacob Hall[4]; 4. 82-David Wood[6]; 5. 5D-Dustin Dennison[5]; 6. 10-Johnny McGinnis[3]; 7. 447-Kenny Prince[8]; 8. 9-Brian Meyer[9]; 9. 26-Devin Wetzel[7]; 10. 41-Ashlyn Piburn[14]; 11. 77-Jeff Douty[10]; 12. 31D-Toby Duncan[17]; 13. 65R-Arthur Nicholson[13]; 14. 29-Justin Oliver[11]; 15. (DNF) 99L-Jeff Lockard[12]; 16. (DNF) 13-Joe Marrant[15]; 17. (DNF) XL7-Colby Carter[19]; 18. (DNF) 10D-Jeff Dent[18]; 19. (DNS) 16D-Dalton Dultmeier

POWRi Pure Stocks - 9 Entries
​ Heat 1 - 8 Laps - 00:00:35.270: 1. M87-Mallory Stiffler[1]; 2. 12W-Aaron Welschmeyer[2]; 3. 216-Payton McDowell[4]; 4. 4D-David Doelz[3]; 5. 403-Darrin Christy[6]; 6. 7-Spencer Reiff[5]; 7. F86-Blaine Nolker[8]; 8. 90-Terry Moss[7]; 9. (DNS) 26-Preston McDowell

Mallory Stiffler of Hoyt, Kansa, and Aaron Welschmeyer of Tebbetts, Missouri earned front-row starting honors for the 15-lap Pure Stock main event. Welschmeyer moved to the front at the start of the race over Stiffler and an intense battle inside the top five. Stiffler challenged for the lead at lap three on Welschmeyer and briefly grabbed the lead but when the field came back to the flag, Payton McDowell had grabbed the lead. The race behind the leaders was fantastic as David Doelz moved to the top four by lap six, just before a quick yellow flag slowed the race. At the restart, McDowell led Stiffler, Doelz who advanced to third, and Welschmeyer. Another caution flew by lap nine, at which time Doelz challenged Stiffler for second behind McDowell with Darrin Christy and Terry Moss moving towards the front of the field. McDowell continued to lead but Stiffler never let him get away as she worked to score her first-ever feature win. At the end of the race, it was McDowell who prevailed on this night with his third victory of the season. Stiffler scored her best-ever CMS finish in second, Doelz settled for third, with Welschmeyer and Moss completing the top five.

A Feature - 15 Laps - 7:30.564: 1. 216-Payton McDowell[3]; 2. M87-Mallory Stiffler[1]; 3. 4D-David Doelz[4]; 4. 12W-Aaron Welschmeyer[2]; 5. 90-Terry Moss[8]; 6. 7-Spencer Reiff[6]; 7. 403-Darrin Christy[5]; 8. F86-Blaine Nolker[7]; 9. (DNS) 26-Preston McDowell

Next Saturday marks the return of the POWRi War Sprint League for a full night of action. All four weekly race divisions at CMS will also be in attendance. All four weekly classes will return in competition for track and POWRi championship points. All pit passes are $40 for next weekend’s event.

For complete details visit the track’s website at centralmissourispeedway.net. Follow CMS on Facebook, MyRacePassTwitter and YouTube Visit and bookmark our website at CentralMissouriSpeedway.net.

Remaining 2023 Schedule:
* Jul 29 - Race #15 - POWRi WAR Sprint League + B-Mods, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Midwest Mods
* Aug 5 - Race #16 - Weekly Racing in All Classes and Kid’s Night at the Speedway
* Aug 12 - Race #17 - Midwest Coating Inc. presents Weekly Racing in All Classes
* Aug 19 - Race #18 - Weekly Racing in All Classes + POWRi Lightning Sprints
* Aug 26 - Race #19 - Weekly Racing in All Classes + POWRi Lightning Sprints (All CMS Track Points End)
* Sep 2 (Saturday) - Race #20 - Labor Day Weekend Night One: Cash Money Late Models + Show-Me Vintage Series, $500-to-Win POWRi Midwest Mods, also running POWRi B-Mods, Super Stocks, and Lightning Sprints
* Sep 3 (Sunday) - Race #21 - Labor Day Weekend Night Two: $2,000-to-win POWRi B-Mods, $1,000-to-Win POWRi Super Stocks. Plus, POWRi Pure Stocks, Midwest Mods, Lightning Sprints, Show-Me Vintage Series
* Sep 16 - Race #22 - 3rd Annual Hog Roast Nationals, $3,000-to-Win POWRi Super Stocks! Plus, $1,000-to-win POWRi B-Mods, also running POWRi Midwest Mods and Pure Stocks